Be valuable

Be valuable

Building values that will make you stand out and exceptional isn’t a one day journey. It’s worth the wait and patience because it’s going to speak some day. Don’t forget,you are now the icing and people are watching! Be valuable.

Self love equals self worth and self worth is valuable. It is sellable. It is marketable. Sean puffy combs once said,”if you want to make some money,look like money “. So,If you want to attract value and worth,be valuable yourself.

The aura of value and self worth is so strong that it attracts and the energy been displayed by people who has it is so appealing that it makes people and brands want to identify with such. It carries positive notions,it displays self confidence other than arrogance. It displays selflessness other than pride. It gentle yet affirmative and firm in actions .

In building self worth and value, ignorance isn’t an excuse at all. Know a little of everything, be informed and updated. Focus is key but do not be blinded by the things you know so as to know more. Be willing to learn and unlearn.

Being a pessimist isn’t good but you can use it for achieving a goal when you know exactly and how to get things done. It keeps you focused but being open minded and optimistic opens you up more ideas and more possible ways to achieve what seems unattainable.

Teachability is a key attribute that valuable people have. It makes things comes around in circles and enough knowledge will be acquired in no time possible.

Isolation is dangerous as it kills faster than Cancer. It makes you an island and then you probably have to stand alone. Remember snakes only get killed when one moves or attack alone? Imagine seeing twenty four pythons invade your vicinity? The rest is story .lol

Build good associations. Connect with people ahead of you in a particular field. People who won’t get threatened by progress. People whose mistakes would be your guidelines. People whose experience will be your light. Any idea shared with a loser remains impossible. Change your circle or be an influence. The network of people you have will the determine the opportunities you will be open to.

Don’t forget that everyone is seeking to be the best,therefore don’t appear like another dependent person. Show some worth,be willing to give out something in exchange of something. Don’t appear empty,bring something to the table. Since you can’t pour from an empty cup, then you have to fill yourself first. Remember this saying ?- “You can’t give what you don’t have “?..

If you can relate to this,then start adding value to yourself and you will become valuable in the process and the whole world will be a better place since we all are now valuable!

Have a nice time.

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